Alternate Dispute, Resolution/ Arbitration


Uttrakhand Lawyers has got considerable reputation due to its high quality legal services. The law firm also provides services for alternate dispute, resolution and arbitration. This is the most effective means to solve the disputes between parties. In our panel we have highly qualified and experienced lawyers to provide you best of the services for alternate dispute, and resolution arbitration services. Please contact us for more information.

Alternate Dispute Resolution is characteristically referred to the process and techniques applied for resolving disputes that is excluded from the common judicial process. Courts are now advising parties to go through alternate dispute resolution of some types, generally mediation before permitting the pasties’ cases to be tried. There are generally four types of alternative dispute resolution:

  1. Negotiation
  2. Mediation
  3. Collaborative law and,
  4. Arbitration

In some cases, conciliation is also applied.

In any kind of Alternate Dispute Resolution, the common element is the presence of a person acting either as the facilitator or decision maker. This is usually natural person who can providing an unbiased opinion.
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