Divorce And Family Law


We are also engaged in providing our clients with comprehensive services to a number of family disputes such as divorce, marriages, matrimonial disputes, maintenance, alimony, custody of children, succession, will, probate of will, letters of administration etc.

Family Law deals with family related issues and domestic relations including:-

  • Marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, and succession.
  • Issues relating to marriage including maintenance, domestic violence, child custody, divorce, adoption, alimony etc.
  • Partition of joint properties.
  • Wills, probates, succession certificates, and letter of administration
  • Other actions affecting the family (e.g., separation; annulment; custody and placement)
  • International custody and placement (including actions filed under the Hague Convention)
  • Adoption
  • Inheritance of ancestral property
  • Resolution of family dispute in respect of division of family’s property
  • Termination of parental rights • Domestic Abuse/Harassment Injunctions
  • As per need of condition

Our law firm offers complete family law services. The range offered by us covers marriage registration, divorce, custody, child adoption and placement, other actions affecting the family, adoption, and termination of parental rights. At our firm, all the lawyers have great experience in handling variety of law matters. We also offer our services for divorce or separation. However, we deeply know that divorce is the single worse event that people experience in their entire lives but if there is will of both – husband and wife to get separated from each other then legal system should not make such case much worst.
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