NRI Legal Services


We are undoubtedly the most demanding company which helps NRI clients in resolving their legal issues. For offering NRI services we are highly dedicated, confidential and professional as well as our incomparable range of services is qualified enough to satisfy the requirement of clients beyond the level of their expectations.

Our solutions, being based on expertise of professional lawyers, are intelligent and they perfectly suit the individual needs as well. All our services remain highly confidential and are delivered under the supervision of specialist legal team.

We are aimed at making Non Resident Indian’s life a bit easy by taking care of their issues in India. If you are also an NRI and do have issues to be resolved in India itself, our firm helps you, guide you to solve out these issues. Many NRI require confidential advice in respect of the following:

  • Determining their Non-Domicile Status (for those in the UK)
  • Indian Bank accounts
  • Setting up of Offshore Trusts and Private Foundations
  • Repatriation of Funds from of their Indian assets
  • Asset Protection of their property and assets in the event of divorce of their children
  • Transfer of their Indian Property to their children
  • Family Charitable Trust
  • Mauritius Offshore Companies

Please contact us for confidential advice on any of the above areas.
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