Real Estate Laws/ Properties Law


Estate – An estate is the property that a person owns or has legal interest in.

Will – a person’s will is a written document that sets out the person’s wishes about how his or her estate should be taken care of and distributed after his or her death. It takes effect when the person dies.

In India issues related to succession (testamentary and non-testamentary) are governed by concerned personal laws (like Hindu Succession Act, 1956) and the Indian succession act, 1925

Apart from Property related services, we also provide our consultancy services and advices to buyers and sellers of propriety. Now properties buyers and sellers get benefit from our deeply rooted knowledge of real estate market and our advices beyond basic legal requirements. Our advices are also available for both landlords and tenants of both commercial and domestic properties.

On request we do conduct searches related to title of prosperities, prepare Due Diligence Reports (DDR) at the behest of our Clients. We also draft Collaboration Agreements and Developer’s Rights Agreement on requirement produced by clients. Our advices are available for our clients on all stages of the construction and development of real property.

Further, our services are available to advise our clients on local land use regulations and help on the preparation of paper work for permits and approvals such as change of land use prior to real estate development.
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